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I’m quite encouraged by the server stats for these blogs. I seem to be getting some guys revisiting the Nme Stag, and I’m grateful to you for reading my ramblings. Apart from the spammer who didn’t come back after signing up, nobody has joined the site to make comments. You are welcome to pitch in and help shape the direction of this site.

I’m also starting to get some visits to my crypto site - Bit Monthly. I hope to use this to sell crypto names and to post odd news items about Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

11/11/17 @ 03:23 pm

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What a struggle Bit Monthly turned out to be. I didn’t like CMS made simple, and I got impatient with the back end of some of the others. Installing and removing various packages may have created some problems as well, In the end, I deleted everything, and removed BitMonthly as an addon domain. After an hour or so, I added the domain back, and I installed Subrion. That seems to be a fairly simple and basic CMS package, and that is what I want for this site. I’ve only modified a couple of bits, but you can see the progress so far by visiting the site.
Bit Monthly - crypto news and domains for sale.

07/11/17 @ 03:57 pm

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I’ve been looking for tomorrow’s Big Sig offer, and I’ve put a bid on FruitMad.com. I quite like this, so I might change my mind about it, first I need to see if I get it. There is scope for some interesting posts on afruit mad site. For example, did you know this fact. -

Researchers say that some monkeys in South and Central America eat as many as 50 different species of fruit a day.
Many thanks for the BBC for this piece of information

06/11/17 @ 02:16 pm

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One of the advantages of using a CMS such as B2evolution is that I don’t need ftp to maintain the site. Asda WiFi won’t allow me to use ftp.

03/11/17 @ 07:00 pm

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I’ve been doing some routine stuff, and looking at bit for my campervan conversion. I should have learnt by now, but I’m in the wrong van, and all the cameras are in the other van. I looked out of the window,and there is a fox playing in the car park next door. I could have got some great pictures for my FoxFoo.com site.

03/11/17 @ 02:40 pm

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I’ve received the payment, and the transfer fee was less than $1, so I’m pleased with that. Actually Name Silo don’t charge a fee for Bitcoin payments, but I suspect that they buy the coins from an exchange if they need them, and the exchanges have a pretty wide spread in these times of volatility. I used XE to check the value of Bitcoin.

02/11/17 @ 02:20 pm

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Well I missed out by waiting for a dip in the price of Bitcoin. As I want to hold Bitcoin as a long term investment, I might just adopt a policy of buying regardless of the price. I believe it is an appreciating asset, so I may just request payment tomorrow.

01/11/17 @ 07:02 pm

In response to: Fox Foo on a chilly monday morning

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Only a couple of likes on Name Pros, so it doesn’t look as if the pro domainers like the name. I usually get more likes than that for my name.
I’ll have a look at the free valuation sites and see what they think of it.

Estibot - $0
Free Valuator - $2,150
Site Price - $50
Stat Chest - $ 10,794
Czalculator web - This is a premium domain so the result may not be accurate. Please obtain a professional appraisal from a paid service.
Value my domain - $444
Valbot - $100

This is why I find it so hard to place a value on a domain name. I think Fox Foo is a nice catchy brand name, so I’ll probably keep this one for my own promotions.

30/10/17 @ 05:36 pm